Questions, questions, questions…

June 25, 2021 By In Q&A

https://youtu.be/lLQJrvPN5hI Our Q&A sessions went off successfully and you asked us a lot of interesting questions. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, it was super fun! ūüėĀ As promised, we provide you with the German video with French subtitles here. You will also find an overview of our external board members. Of

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Our Q&A Session

June 18, 2021 By In Q&A

What are tokenised participation certificates? What customer growth has neon generated since its launch? How can I become a shareholder of the coolest Swiss start-up? You probably have a lot of questions about our crowdfunding on 28 June 2021, and of course we won’t leave them unanswered! We have set up a special FAQ on

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