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neon - feels good

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Zürich, Switzerland

neon - feels good

Our goal, since the beginning until now: Offering Switzerland’s best mobile everyday account – for our clients, with our clients.

Successfully financed

8.521.200 CHF


2130300% financed

neon - feels good

Our goal, since the beginning until now: Offering Switzerland’s best mobile everyday account – for our clients, with our clients.

Successfully financed

8.521.200 CHF


2130300% financed



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neon advances - key facts

  • 130'000 customers, a third through recommendations
  • Top rated app: 4.7 stars, 100% mobile
  • Winner of multiple tests (fees, satisfaction, ...)
  • Digital business model - no branches - open 24/7
  • Strong Swiss ecosystem

We knew things couldn't continue as they are: excessively high, opaque fees, inflexible opening times, too much paperwork and bureaucracy, slow, complicated apps... customers seen as mere cash cows. That's why we launched neon.

Our goal, since the beginning until now: Offering Switzerland’s best mobile everyday account – for our clients, with our clients.


neon is positive change

Thanks to your support over the past few years, we have already made great progress towards our goal. Even though account fees continue to rise in the overall market, a clearly visible countermovement has developed on the customer and supply side. Large banks have followed us and launched significantly improved offers (yeah! no fear 😊). In the meantime, 50% of the Swiss population is ready to take advantage of mobile account offers.

Together with you, we will continue to move forward and make a sustainable change for everyone!

What we have achieved in the last few years
2017 was when the idea for neon first came up. lt was preceded by our own frustration with ever­ increasing fees, complex processes and opacity, plus the conviction that based on our own professional experience we could and wanted to do it better ourselves.

2018 we found a partner with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG who was open to this new model and we gained support from our first investors. After just six months of development, the beta version was already up and running, offering Switzerland's first purely digital onboarding process.

2019 was our launch year, and the first 10'000 patient clients received the neon Mastercard. Plus, going on Höhle der Löwen (similar to Dragon's Den) gave us new investors and more financing. We integrated eBills, P2P payments and standing orders. Meanwhile Swiss banks stuck to business as usual, with an attitude of «let's not talk about it and wait to see who really needs it».

2020 was neon's breakthrough year. We adapted our product to fit an international format, becoming the first Swiss provider to remove card fees for payments in foreign currency, which impressed and convinced consumer TV programmes such as Kassensturz of our product. Moreover, we introduced quick, low-cost overseas transfers thanks to the first integrative partnership with (Transfer-)Wise in Switzerland. We now have a unique ecosystem, and naturally we have to mention our strong partners like Smile, QoQa and Huawei who helped get us there. All of this was reflected at the end of the year in 50'000 satisfied customers and more than CHF 1 million in revenue. 

2021 was the year of growth and brought long-desired functionalities such as Apple Pay and strong new partners like frankly. With the neon green account, which is unique in the Swiss market as it is CO2-neutral, we further took a big step beyond our own corporate sustainability in terms of active sustainability. Thanks to your recommendations, we were able to double our user base to almost 100,000 customers and significantly increase sales to CHF 3.5 million. And: With your help, we delivered the most successful crowdinvesting in Swiss start-up history and gained more than 1,600 neon investors! 

In 2022, we are still well on our way:

  • With 130'000 users we have reached a remarkable size and remain challenger No. 1.
  • With the successful (and for everyone cumbersome) change of the card processor, we have been able to implement some eagerly awaited card features like push notifications, in-app PIN view or GarminPAY.
  • With the launch of our "Spaces" function we responded to the demand from the community: The community feature #1 is very actively used
  • With neon metal, Switzerland's first full metal card, we launched an account that is not only open to the wealthy and offers an attractive bundle of insurance & services
  • With CHF 3.5 million, we have already exceeded last year's sales in August. By the end of the year, we expect sales of CHF 6 million.


And this is to change next:

  • We are now no longer focusing primarily on growth. In order to establish ourselves on the market in the long term and sustainably, and to become independent of external capital, we are now determined to achieve profitability. Our goal is to maintain price leadership for our existing offering, while at the same time continuing to expand functionality and benefits for our customers, and thus further increase satisfaction and sales.
  • To achieve this, we are implementing your requests for additional financial products such as trading, mortgages and loans.
  • We plan to move into trading stocks and cryptocurrencies next. While stocks traditionally come with significant costs for smaller orders, simple trading of cryptocurrencies is only offered by very few market participants in Switzerland. We are confident that we will be able to complete the market entry for both trading offerings during 2023, positioning us even better for a meaningful and sustainable-profitable future.


neon pays off

…not only because of the product. Over the past year, we have been very pleased to see that you are just as convinced of neon as all employees, previous business angels and investors. With the success of the last crowdinvesting by neon customers, we have significantly broadened the investor base. So far, this has been a very rewarding experience with, for example, very high referral rates from the investor base.

In September 2022, we completed a capital increase of CHF 2.5 million with our institutional investors. This capital increase was supported by the trust of our existing professional investors and a desire to make neon an even better product and further strengthen the successful development of the company. In addition, the capital increase has the clear objective of making neon independent through new products and achieving profitability. Despite the uncertain market environment with numerous crises, the joint successes are reflected in an increased company value of neon.

Due to the very high demand, not all of those who wanted to become shareholders were able to do so in last year's crowdinvesting. A recent survey among 5000 of you showed us again that more than half would be interested in investing in neon again.

Therefore, we have decided to offer you again the opportunity to not only be our customer, but to directly participate in neon's success as an investor. At the same price as our professional investors.




Funding limit: CHF 10'000'000
Asset class: startup
Form of participation: non-voting share (participation certificate)

2 to 250 full non-voting shares (participation certificates)

Issuing price
CHF 200.00 per non-voting share (participation certificate)

Targeted output quantity
50'000 non-voting shares (participation certificates) with an emission volume of CHF 10'000'000.00

Subscription period
October 25th 2022 – October 31th 2022


About the company

Employees: 45
Founded: 2017
Company: neon Switzerland AG
Commercial register nr.: CHE-318.873.822


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